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Set in Stone Gallery

Set in Stone Gallery is Asia’s premier natural history dealer. They offer specially selected fossil and mineral pieces acquired from all over the world. Presenting specimens that were previously exclusive to museums and universities, Set in Stone looks to bring millions of years of natural history directly to personal collections, living rooms and work spaces.

The gallery will be taking over Plot for three weeks this March to April.

Come down to see Set in Stone Gallery’s 2019 collection, including Jurrasic Ichthyosaur, fossil fishes, an approximately 100 million years old Opalised Ammonite, and citrine crystal.

23 March 2019, Saturday — 14 April 2019, Sunday
12pm - 8pm

Other hours by appointment. Email or contact +65 94216800 for private viewings.

Follow them on Instagram and Facebook for updates.

Images and description c/o Set in Stone Gallery

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OH! Open House — PASSPORT

You would know OH! Open House for telling stories of neighbourhoods, people and places. This time, they’re empowering artists and homeowners to tell their own stories through art.

PASSPORT is a series of 6 pop-up art experiences in locations all over the island in March 2019. 6 artists were paired with a host each to create art experiences based on their personal stories about identity, belonging and even love.

A passport summarises you in an instant. It opens up the world or damns you to bureaucratic hell. It affirms your identity or is just a booklet of benefits. A way out or a guarantee of a home to come back to.

What does a passport mean to you?



Solitary walks have been a source of comfort for artist ila and host Xiou Ann.

The two worked together to craft a sensorial work through town - inspired by their personal love for long walks. You are invited to uncover and claim sacred, quiet spaces in the familiar urban landscape.

Encounter familiar spaces in a new light with ila and Xiou Ann, as they bring you around the spots in the city that they have found comfort in. 

The art experience by ila and Xiou Ann starts at Plot.

For more information, this is the calendar of events and you can buy tickets here. Follow OH! Open House @ohopenhouse for more details and updates.

Images and description c/o OH! Open House

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Things Fall Together
to Jan 27

Things Fall Together

Preparations for Art Stage had been in full-swing and its sudden cancellation sent shockwaves through the participating artists and gallerists. Keen to support the arts and creative communities, Plot is happy to join hands with those who have been affected by this incident.

Artists Chihiro Kabata, Yuuri Kabata, Laudi Abilama and Yeo Shih Yun were to have exhibited their works in a show entitled Things Fall Together at the INSTINC booth at Art Stage 2019, in collaboration with Plural Art Mag.

The show’s title Things Fall Together has turned out to be uncannily prescient in light of the events of surrounding the Art Stage cancellation! In the show, Yeo, Abilama and the Kabata sisters come together in a profusion of emotion and exuberance underpinned by loss, longing, humour and irony. Yeo challenges and departs from preconceived notions of Warholian screen printing with her bold “screenpaintings,” while Abilama celebrates the complicated genius of Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew. Chihiro and Yuuri Kabata, artists from Japan, explore notions of control and balance, while executing their wildly abstract works.

Private View 7pm — late, Friday, 25 January 2019

Panel Discussion with Artists and Jennifer Lam 3 — 4 pm, Saturday, 26 January 2019

Opening Party  7pm — 9 pm, Saturday, 26 January 2019

Dance Performance by Chiharu Kuronuma (Japan) 8 pm, Saturday, 26 January 2019

Daily Viewing Hours 12 pm — 8 pm, Saturday, 26 January 2019 and Sunday, 27 January 2019

View the full catalogue of artworks here.

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Coming Between, Becoming (an exhibition)
to Jan 6

Coming Between, Becoming (an exhibition)

Coming Between Becoming.jpeg

From an aesthetic interest in that which is situated between representation and reality comes a desire to unsettle Appearances. Coming Between, Becoming charts a move beyond the surface, towards an indeterminate interface.

Both inside and out, interior and exterior to, the möbius strip is a boundary that is constantly breached whilst being drawn. In becoming, it performs its own undoing. A simultaneous folding in (implicating) as well as folding out (explicating), the möbius strip is where two parallels meet without collapsing into one.

Come through to experience works of 8 local artists, whose works span across mediums such as sculpture, moving image, text, and more.

4 January 2019, Friday — 6 January 2019, Sunday
12pm — 6pm

Opening on 4 January 2019, Sunday, at 7pm.

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